Bio: Minister Donna M. Vickers is a Social Entrepreneur, serving as the Executive Director and Founder of Donna’s Restoration Diner and Community Outreach Center. She’s an Ordained Minister with a passion and call to serve those in need, “With Love”. Minister Donna is a Registered Nurse by education as well as Executive Chef. She is the Self Published Author of Simplycookingwithdonna Cookbook “Meals Seasoned With Love” and Owner of Simplycookingwithdonna All Purpose Seasoning, Catering and More LLC. Through the gifts that God instilled in Donna she has been blessed to use her skills as a professional chef and author as a tool to generate income to help support the outreach ministry of DRDCOC. Minister Vickers is the wife to O’Larry Vickers for 30 years in October. They are the parents of 3 Beautiful Daughters Nicole, Ashlie and Brittany Vickers. God instructed Minister Donna to “Feed His People” in 1998, and revealed to her that she was a Missionary who just “happened to know how to cook” in 2009. In October of 2013 God revealed his plan for her to begin philanthropy through DRDCOC, where she would be able to operate in the gifts that He (God) had placed inside of her, through the efforts of DRDCOC as a social entrepreneur.

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